Saturday, March 23, 2013

Conference Programme

The conference will take place at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK. 
Panels: Queen's Building Harrods Room
Registration and coffee: Queen's Building Timmy Hele Room

Directions: Please e-mail fgrscam[at] with any queries.

Sat, 27 April 2013


Panel 1: Time and Visual Matter
Jennifer Johnson (Oxford), ‘Matter and Time in the Aesthetics of Jacques Maritain’
Christina Chalmers (Cambridge), ‘Frank O’Hara’s “anti-Cocteau movement”’
Louis Daubresse (Paris III), ‘When time meets his backside: a dialectic of opposites’

Keynote 1 : Timothy Mathews (University College London), ‘Aimé Césaire’s Tempests: the time of legacy, poetry and work’

4.45-5.15 Coffee Break

Panel 2: Excrescence and Abjection
Jessica Stacey (Kings College London), ‘‘Doing time’: Bastille martyrs / Modern saints’
Rye Holmboe (University College London), ‘The Word’
David Grundy (Cambridge), ‘What’s the Matter with Antonin Artaud?’

Performance: ‘I, Kant’ (Irum Fazal & Will Stuart)


Sun, 28 April 2013

Panel 3: Materialist Temporalities
Alexandra Paulin-Booth (Oxford),  ‘Political time in the work of Jean Jaurès’                                  
George Tomlinson (CRMEP, Kingston), ‘The Problem of Temporality for a Materialist Concept of History’
Daniel Poitras (Montréal/EHESS), ‘Mouvement étudiant et expériences du temps en Mai 68 en France : dynamique révolutionnaire et horizon d’attente’

10.30-11 Coffee Break

Panel 4: Stitches, Circles, Indices
Daniel Finch-Race (Cambridge), ‘“Attunement” to the past: transcience and identity in Verlaine’s ‘Ariettes oubliées’ II, IV, V and VII’
Joanne Brueton (University College London), ‘A stitch in time: Temporal threads in Jean Genet’
Cecily Davey (St. Andrews), ‘Encircling Moments: Time, Body, Memory and the Symbolism of Circles in Hyperdream by Hélène Cixous’

Lunch Break 12.30-1.30

1.30-3 Keynote 2: Sean Bonney (London), ‘Rimbaud, Fanon: the negation of Imperialist time’

3-3.30 Coffee Break

Panel 5: Rhythm and Duration
Andrew Otway (Lancaster), ‘Rhythmanalysis and Les Heures Marseillaises’ 
Allegra Fryxell (Cambridge), ‘An ambiguous time: Einsteinian space-time, Bergsonian duration, and temporal expression in French music of the early 20th Century’
Jonathan Kaufman-Styles (Berlin),‘Recursive parameters in Messiaen’s “Mode de valeurs et d’intensités”’

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